Mamil To Animal Nutrition Programme

£124.99 £99.99

4 x 30 min virtual coaching sessions

Customised nutrition plan for the month


Mamil To Animal Nutrition Programme.

The Mamil to Animal programme is a structured nutrition coaching programme for middle aged male and female cyclists and triathletes. It’s an affordable means of receiving expert nutrition guidance, delivered over a period of a month through live and interactive virtual coaching sessions. All our sessions are delivered on a 1 to 1 basis, allowing us to create a truly customised nutrition plan.

The programme addresses Three areas highly relevant to Mamils:

  • Weight loss
  • Health & well being
  • Sports nutrition

Fundamental to this programme is that our nutritional model is geared towards ‘us middle aged cyclists’. Let’s face it, the health risks for our age category are somewhat different to that of 21 year old whippersnapper.
This means yes we focus on getting you leaner but critically we customise your nutrition in terms of how it can promote long term health and safeguard against some of those killer diseases that are sadly highly relevant to our age bracket. For example, in our programme grams of fibre is just as important as grams of protein!


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