Virtual nutrition coaching for male and female cyclists


1 x 30 min virtual coaching session

Session Summary & customised action plan


4 x 30 min virtual coaching sessions

Customised nutrition plan for the month


You’ve reached the home of Mamil To Animal nutrition coaching.

So you’ve got the latest aero bike. Got zwift. Got Strava.
You’ve optimised everything you can with the bike, shoes, helmet, gloves…and yes even the socks.
But now your faced with a few home truths. Mainly, your cycling performance.

Let’s start with your power to weight ratio.

We know you have the power, sure thing, it’s right there on the screen of the smart trainer. But that’s not going to get you flying around the Fred Whitton course any day soon, not with with your current Watts per Kg.
We want to help you. As you can imagine, here at Mamil To Animal we truly believe nutrition represents the biggest factor in improving your cycling performance (not to mention making you live past 60).
If you haven’t guessed it yet, nutrition is one of the biggest modifiable variables that separates amateur cyclists from professionals, (It’s certainly not the bike that divides us Mamils from the professionals, just look in your garage!)

Our Approach

This may sound cliche, but we are not a diet book! Nor are we a generic app based on clever computer algorithms.
We offer a 1 to 1 weight loss programme created by a Mamil, for Mamils, with weekly client communication at the heart of our programme.
Diet books and cycling magazines are great for LEARNING about nutrition (well, sometimes). But knowing about nutrition is very different from turning it into actual measurable action.
How many times have your heard your self and others saying “oh I know what to do, it’s just doing it”.
In my 20 years of coaching I’ve noticed that it takes a whole lot more than just nutrition ‘theory’ to successfully and permanently alter a life time of bad eating habits.
That’s why our nutrition programme is founded on the other part of the equation, the actual ‘action taking’ side of things. Yep, actual behaviour changes….doing new things, taking physical action. It’s this ‘action’ that our nutrition coach wants to see evidence of each week.
Our weekly coaching session really helps hold you accountable for these new dietary actions.

We will help you devise ACTION based strategies,

then help you track your compliance to your chosen changes, then each week WE hold you accountable for those changes. Sharing your trials and tribulations (both the successes and set backs) each week is a fundamental part of your dieting success and our success as a coaching programme.
Coaching by a real human, not a generic app ☑
Customised Nutrition plans ☑
Weekly LIVE coaching sessions, not pre-recorded webinars or pod casts ☑
A dynamic approach to nutrition coaching, not just a ‘diet plan’ ☑
Action led coaching system, not just the theory ☑